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Catherine's trainers insurance dictates that all students/guardians sign a waiver

Qualifications as a Trainer

Catherine has 15 years of national show experience with the Pony of America's and Quarter Horse circuit. She has won 14 national titles including high point in the nation in versatility. She has rode and studied with a some of the nations top trainers and has been a student of multiple disciplines since her childhood including but not limited to Halter, Showmanship, Western and English Pleasure, Horsemanship and Equitation, Trail Class, And Hunter Classes. She has her ARIA training certification in Recreational Riding. She is currently a student of Dressage.

Catherine is a ARIA certified instructor.

Methods of Training

The horse and rider must be comfortable and safe in their surroundings before training can occur. In a positive environment, the best training will occur! Catherine uses lounging to build confidence in weary riders and teaches foundation groundwork as a safety measure before mounting. For the horse, Catherine encourages forward motion, circles, bending exercise, and balance of the rider to obtain training goals while maintaining relaxation and a calm mentality. She believes in the training pyramid for all horse sports and uses classic humane training methods.

Catherine has been giving riding lessons for nine years and has a wide range of students; Adult and Children with interest in trail riding and are working on respect and comfort zones on the trails, those interested in 4-H, and open showing, or those wanting to learn a new sport.


Lessons are $30 and last approximately an hour.


Catherine comes to the horse and rider! Catherine lives near Springboro/Lebanon and has a travel radius of 30 miles (an additional $5 fee is included for single lessons with a travel distance greater than 10 minutes).

*Please contact Catherine regarding clinic prices and dates available.

Catherine's trainers insurance dictates that all students/guardians sign a waiver

Streak of Shame, aka Sparky | 1999 POA Supreme Champion | In photo: 2003 Florida Turkey Circuit

Streak of Shame, aka Sparky | 1999 POA Supreme Champion | In photo: 2003 Florida Turkey Circuit


I believe the moments of communication with the horse can be broken down simply and efficiently for the riders sake. Any one can ride a horse but not everyone can claim to be a rider. Take the time to make the phone call to learn about how I can help you better communicate with your horse. I teach multiple disciplines of equestrian sports and I come to you and your horse!

My Mares | Thunder Valley Epona | Johanna Rose

April 25, 2018

My philosophies regarding training

As a trainer, I spend my days sharing knowledge with the intent of building the relationships between riders and mounts. The partnerships we build with our horses requires that we seek out the feelings of being connected physically and emotionally. I found my love of the ridden horse in the comfort that they also desire a partnership. I find my passion in passing along the information that leads to a wonderful pairing of minds.

The horse is a magnificent creature, with a mind so very different to our own. We must take great care in the handling of these beast, with remembrance that they are a reflection of our emotions.

I dislike using the word trainer because I am more than that, I have often been described as a 'horse guru', but I rather be called a helping voice of reason. Often the rider finds him or herself in a situation where the horse does not understand the want or need of the rider, these vital moments of communication can create the atmosphere of the 'ride'. If the communication is successful and the horse understands, both rider and horse can go their merry way in content. But when the rider is unable to explain the request to the horse then help is necessary otherwise neither horse nor rider will be happy and the joy of riding is lost!

Thunder Valley Epona | Photo by Sanford Gentry | 2012

Thunder Valley Epona | Photo by Sanford Gentry | 2012

About me…

I have spent my life around horses. My mother was in the training business during my childhood, then went to nursing school when I was 8, my sister was born when I was 11. During that time I had multiple ponies, I spent my days being babysat by my ponies with no aspirations.

My mother loves to tell the story of my entry into showing. She had handed me a Pony of Americas Magazine and the first thing that caught my eye was a girl on the back cover who had just won High Point in the Nation. I looked my mother straight in the eyes and said, "I want to do that!". Two years later in Reno, Nevada, I was receiving the High Point in the Nation trophy title along with 12 other titles. My teen years were a wonderful time of exploration in the versatile world of the POA pony. With multiple high point titles over half a decade in numerous events including showmanship, english and western pleasure, equitation and horsemanship, trail, and reining. Numerous international placings and regional trophies from my youth line my mothers' tack shop. I should not forget my father, he is still extremely supportive and now active in my sisters' national show career! In my later teens I touched base in the Quarter Horse world with success for two seasons in English Pleasure before leaving for college.

I went to college and left the horse world for several years, even bought a motorcycle and traveled a large portion of North America by BMW. I met my husband and sold my bike. My husband is Ben Greenwood, he is originally from a large dairy farm near the Canadian border in upper-state New York. He is a Software Engineer. As an engagement present Ben said I could have a horse or another motorbike to pass my time and it happened I found my dream horse before my dream bike.

My sister declared the year prior to me finding my horse she wanted to participate in Pony Club and dreamed of becoming a three day eventer. I wanted to be part of her life but I could not bring myself to stare down the cross country course, but I loved the beauty of dressage. I am now a student of the dressage art and hope to be for a very long time! I have found a style of riding that gives physical and mental development to me and the horse while also having years worth of challenges to pursue.

My wedding gift, Epona. A friesian with a dab of morgan has filled my life with joy! I must admit that with all the horses I have rode, one has never made me as happy as Epona. Her loving personality, soft subtle communications, and desire to please inspired me to dive into studies in and out of the saddle to be the best rider I could possibly be in order to return the favors she constantly is giving to me. With the many hours of study that go into this passion, I was routinely being asked to share my knowledge.

I believe that the knowledge of understanding the horse can be a dangerous thing. They are animals and must be treated as such. We must have patients and understanding, I teach or rather preach that one must think before an emotion is allowed to lead. Never be quick to react with hand or leg and never stop learning about the animals we love!