Feeding your new bunny

There is not exact science to feeding bunnies but you will need to know the basics.

Feeding your Cottontail Hill Bunny

In your take home pack, you will find a 5 day supply of your bunnies current pelleted food-blend that out into your preferred 18% pelleted feed. You will also find a small bag of hay (aprox. A 3-day supply) and importantly, papaya enzyme tablets.


Cottontail Hill rabbits eat an unlimited amount of 18% pelleted feed and a handful of grass/timothy hay each day. We feed Kalmbach pelleted feeds, but there are many feed options. A good beginner feed is ManaPro Gro carried by Tractor Supply. 18% pellets are essential-Angoras have an important job of growing fiber.

Cottontail Hill Bunnies eat 1 cup of timothy hay each day, fresh hay offered every morning and the old cleaned out, then the cage wiped down. Our hay comes from the local feed store, we purchase what is available, attempting to avoid hay heavy in seed and weed. The timothy hay in white packaging from Tractor Supply is a very good option.

Angoras need enzymes found in papaya and pineapple to break down fiber stuck in their gut from grooming. Read more about wool block below. I don’t give treats to my bunnies, if you do, do so in moderation! A nickel size snack is the human equivalent of a big piece of cake. Your bunny will love attention just as much as food. They generally enjoy a rubbing on the bone below the eye socket.

Wool Block in Angoras

Wool block is the evil in the adorable world of Angoras. Rabbits groom themselves but cannot vomit like a cat, a chunk of dried papaya every few days breaks down the fiber stuck in your bunnies’ belly. If your bunny starts to have poops that look like a necklace, feed a chunk of dried papaya, fresh cut pineapple, or papaya enzyme tablets each day till the poop goes back to normal. Normal poop is a dried round shape, all equal sized balls, it should remind you of potting soil when smushed. My bunnies receive one enzyme tablet per day every day, more if they have necklace poops.