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Cottontail Hill Welcomes You to the Burrow

Catherine raises rabbits in her back yard, opposite her horse barns, on a five acre horse enthusiast farm on the North side of Lebanon, Ohio. The rabbitry host 20+ holes with twelve of those holes dedicated to breeding pairs of French and Satin Angoras.

Interested in owning your first Angora? The first year of fiber ownership is a learning curve. There is a wonderful internet of information regarding the breeds and their care, from pet care and fiber handling, to competing with your rabbits. I have created my own information, as well as sharing other breeders educational documents regarding the care of Angoras. The National Angora Rabbit Breeders Association has a wonderful book that covers all aspects of care. I considered it my best reference, a well worth the cost!

Safe Rabbit Treat Guide

Angora Color Gallery from Dolly Rock Farm

Caring for the Show Rabbit or Any Rabbit!

Betty Chu’s How to House and Care for English Angora’s

MediRabbit - Comprehensive List of Illness and Treatment for Rabbits


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